XDA [How-To] Disable Forced Encryption

XDA [How-To] Disable Forced Encryption – Nexus 6



  • Extract the Android Image Kitchen zip Android_Image_Kitchen.zip
  • drag in the boot.img file you wish to modify onto the unpackimg.bat file
  • you should get a command window pop up, it should say succesfull and you will get a few folders added.
  • open the ramdisk folder and open the fstab.shamu file using notepad++
  • search for forceencrypt and replace it with encryptable. there should be only one case where this exists.
  • save the file, go back to the root of the image kitchen folder, and run the repackimg.bat file.
  • you should get a new boot.img build called image-new.img, you can use this now to flash on your device



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